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  1. The Church—because I found a church where people are real and transparent and believe in the gospel of grace and transformation—saved my life. Very literally. While I understand this artist’s disillusionment, I fervently (and thankfully) believe that the Church is a gift that God gave us. He gave us to each other, to love each other and to run alongside each other, so that nobody has to navigate in isolation.

    I completely agree that what the Western Church has largely become is not what is described in the book of Acts, but I don’t believe that turning your back on the Church entirely, and categorically condemning all church-going believers because of negative experiences you’ve had in various churches is the answer.

    Another problem with her notion is that it is entirely self-serving. The Church does not exist for you alone, but you also exist for the Church. By suggesting that, “There is nothing going on inside that church that I can’t get for myself by myself,” (which is a problematic premise anyway) she disregards the fact that other believers need HER as much as she needs them. God is showing the world—including other believers—something about Himself through her that nobody else will ever show in quite the same way. And that is true of each one of us. We show God to each other, and this is one reason why He wants us to get together, to share life with each other.

    She has the beginning of the right idea—that the church needs to be different than it is. So she’s exactly the kind of person who should stick around and make a difference, not indignantly turn away.

  2. This is beautiful. Who is the artist?
    My understanding is that Wendell Berry writes his Sabbath poems on Sundays, while skipping church.

  3. Great post!

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